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Living with stomach cancer: Library

What does it mean to "survive cancer"?

Surviving cancer can be defined in 2 ways:

  • No sign of cancer after you've completed your treatment
  • A process in which you continue treatment to try to reduce your risk for recurrence or to help manage your everyday life with cancer

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What is a clinical trial and how can I find one?

Clinical trials are used to find out more about potential treatments, such as the potential benefits and risks and for whom they may work. One group of people in the clinical trial will get the treatment being studied. The other group will get the treatment usually used to treat that type of cancer.

There are 3 phases of clinical trials:

  • Phase I trials test how safe a dose is, how a treatment should be given, and how a treatment affects the body
  • Phase II trials test to see if the treatment being studied has an effect on a specific disease and how it affects the body
  • Phase III compares the treatment being studied with the treatment usually used to treat that type of cancer (standard of care treatment)

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